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price prednisolone acetate Book Now for an Angel Reading with author Wendy Jane Erlick. Wendy is an Angel Channeller, Intuitive Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Energy Healer and Spiritual Writer. Wendy works as an Angel Channeller from the UK’s oldest esoteric centre Watkins Books, London and is the author of the acclaimed book "the Gift of an Angel".

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There is a Source common to us all. The Collective Consciousness, the God within, Nirvana. The dreamlike symbols and archetypes, emotions and instincts that are shared with every human being.

What is this site about

The biggest questions in life are ‘Who am I ?’, ‘Where do I come from?’, ‘Why am I here?’, ‘Where am I going?’. This site is dedicated to those courageous souls who are willing to experience themselves without the barriers of the mind, ego and the sense of being separate.  We live in on an incredibly beautiful planet in an intelligent and vast multi- dimensional universe, yet we seem to understand so little of how it all works. Enochian explores the aspect of consciousness known as Angels. Explore more … 

What is Enochian

Enochian is known as the language of the Angels inspired from the work of Dr John Dee, who lived from 1527 to 1608. During an intense and fascinating seven year period he worked with a psychic known as Edward Kelley. Together they created detailed diaries of their work which still exists today in the British and Bodlean Museums in the UK. From these manuscripts have come what has become known as Enochian, The language of Angels. Explore more…

What are Angels

There is such beauty, intelligence and order in nature and the Universe. It would seem reasonable that the consciousness that binds all life is aware to a far greater degree than what most of us experience as ordinary awareness. ‘Angels’ is used here as a convenient term to describe spiritual beings that exist within the dimensions of Existence that we cannot see or hear with our normal senses. We are evolving with an increasing number of people becoming aware of their spiritual potential. How we experience Angels is something that is personal, is something beautiful beyond words.  Explore more…

Why connect with Angels

A good question that can only be answered by yourself. Enochian.com is an invitation to explore and discover for yourself what it means to life in an intelligent, alive and conscious existence. The meditations presented here are tools only and by no means the only way to access Angelic vibrations. Angels have been a deep and persistent part of the human condition and deserve a little attention in these times where humanity has never been so far removed from it’s spiritual roots. Explore more …

... We live in a natural world, and it is natural to communicate beyond the limitations of what we physically see ...

I was taught by my mother to pray to my Guardian Angel every night before going to sleep. Since I was a child I always ‘felt’ some etherical, sweet, caring presences around me who wold sometimes whisper gentle, comforting and clear words in my ears. But the experience of the rituals and the experience of the workshop have been quite another thing: truely awesome, unquestionable, unforgettable, exquisite. Those beautiful, powerful beings are really here, around us, all the time, available to love, support and guide unconditionally. I feel very blessed and grateful and fortunate for this amazing gift I have received!–Satrup Lorena Monguzzi, Italy

I was sceptical at first but in spite of my stubborn refusal to believe that there are Angels I was over whelmed with the experiences I have had and continue to have through my understanding and practice of Enochian. It's as if a veil has been lifted and my life is clear and joyful–Peter, Glasgow